Gillian Porter

#CONTENT.  When this Pittsburgh girl isn’t eating Primanti Bros sandwiches and drinking Iron City Light, you can find her caring for her 3 pet Alpacas in Ann Arbor (strictly for tax code purposes).  After planning this trip (basically by herself), she’ll be taking care of all of you…believe us she’s the most experienced. Having already swam with stingrays, gone to Everest Base Camp, and travelled to 92.5 countries, handling the Cambodian jungle is no sweat for our resident travel expert. A lifelong culture builder and connoisseur of global dental work, talk to Gilly about adopting farm animals, finding the perfect Insta / SnapChat / Tinder / Bumble lighting, or how to move to the Midwest with the most positive of attitudes. Gilly is the glue that will hold us together regardless of what happens on the other side of the world!