Grace Kim

Hailing from the sunny streets of LA, Grace is the most overpreparedly underprepared of your leaders. When she’s not getting us to spill our innermost secrets, she’s grace-ing (yep) the Ross community with immaculately crafted Instagram posts. Like her spirit animal, the alpaca, she’s cute and fluffy on the outside, but packs a mean bite, especially in the frequent case when she tempts her lactose-intolerance with copious amounts of cheese. In addition to looking like a snacc, she whips them up as chief baker of the trip, and will make sure we munch our way through all of the deliciousness the Caucasus has to offer.  When she’s not finding her way through a charcuterie board, catch her belting karaoke, living your best life, running all of the diversity events on campus, and being more relevant and well-known than the rest of the other leaders combined. After impressing her fellow leaders by bringing her own snorkel to Thailand, we eagerly await seeing what this innovator brings for the rivers, waterfalls and canyons of the Kutaisi region.