Gui “Superstar” Ruggiero

The elder statesman on Michigan’s tennis team, this Brazilian knows how to raise a racket on and off the court! Gui is prepared to make sure you’re never the last one to bed… if he isn’t cooking a midnight meal after practice, he can be found dancing his way through Ann Arbor’s best bars searching for the Daisy to his LuiGUI. He may seem a serious guy at first but make no mistake, you can count on Gui to make sure everyone is having a good time no matter what we’re doing! And also to be most in tune with the schedule… and always five minutes behind it. It’s OK though, his tardiness is usually due to a heart-to-heart with someone he noticed needing a quick boost 😉

Do not ask: about soccer (yeah, he’s Brazilian… but not the soccer kind), how much he can eat, and for relationship advice

Definitely ask: about any other sports (including extreme ones), Carnival, and for IT support