Han Sen Zuo

Hansen original was born in China, but moved to the land up north, and has been in Toronto for many years. Once he’s in the mood, he knows how to rally and get the party started.

On Mtrek you will find me: Shop til I drop. I’m going to take in the fashion scene in Barcelona, and give all the new MBA1s a few tips on business style. If I’m not out on the streets, I’ll either be sleeping or drinking whiskey from the bottle.

If I were a drink I would be: Whiskey! It is the best drink to party (or to sleep). Plus, always up for a nightcap on MTrek. Plus whiskey is the greatest cure for sickness.

Day drinking x night drinking: Night drinking all the way. I like heading out to the club, dressing the nines, and raging to EDM til there is no more whiskey at the bar.

Fun fact: I obtained a skipper license from the Canadian Yachting Association.