Hannah “Hot Stuff” Smalley

Is always down for a themed day/night/darty she’ll be your partner in crime be it to pet an elephant or stay up ‘til the crack of dawn. Bringing the laissez les bon temps rouler lifestyle from New Orleans she knows that a good time starts with good food, good friends and even better booze. While she’s not always out, when she decides to drop into Skeeps or Ricks she always brings the fire. Hannah has made sure we have an itinerary chock full of adventure, and if it all falls apart @ her. Hailing from the non-profit world she is a champion at doing a lot with a little, and is the social conscience of the team. Not only will she keep us from garnering bad press for the school, Hannah is also getting her Masters in Public Health, she’ll make sure everyone remembers to wash their hands, and tell us if it’s safe to drink the moonshine with the cobra in the bottle.