Hannah Lifset

What do you get when you mix food, homemade crop tops, and a social butterfly? Hannah! Before Ross, she worked in social media, so she will ensure your snapchats, instagram stories, and tiktoks are all [fire emoji]. Beware, though, if you creep into one of her pictures, she will crop you out faster than you can say, “Go Blue!” When she’s not refreshing her feed, you can find her feasting on pizza while wearing one of her MANY pizza-themed outfits. Hannah also threw an infamous MBA1 Hot Dog Party with, you guessed it, hot dog swag, at her house she calls the Lima Bean. For real, this girl has a food obsession, and you’ll definitely want to take her recommendations at any restaurant. An aspiring HR ‘professional,’ she will be overly concerned that you have the time of your life and will facilitate many of the bonding activities throughout the trek. But, don’t let her passion for HR fool you; she’s nothing like Toby Flenderson.