Himanshu Sharma

Himanshu “He-Man-Shoe” (as he enunciates it during recruitment season)… that guy who stays up until 5 AM partying to all sorts of music from EDM to Bollywood pop to Selena Gomez. Unfortunately, his musical talents could not keep up with this passion so his newfound dream is a consultant (we know…how original).  Before coming to Ross, he was quite the international travel virgin – but by the time Mtrek begins, he will have already scuba dived with god-knows-what in the Galapagos Islands, completed a Eurotrip, and pretended to be a German student at a school he can’t even pronounce. His inspiration for this trip is the lifelong relationships he built during his last Mtrek and is something he is very passionate about helping create. He will make sure you’re having an amazing time but you are warned about his deep sarcasm.