Ian “Stackhouse-Kaelble”

While most of us are going to 8 am classes, Ian is going to 8 am bars. A man of mystery and many last names, Ian will help keep the multitude of personalities on this trip on track as the “Trip Dad”…at least until his drunken alter ego, “Jan”, emerges. By day, Ian is even-keeled and laid back (some would say lazy), but by night – or on Bus days, which you’ll learn about soon enough – Jan emerges to consume all of the whiskey and beer in sight and subsequently ruin Ian’s morning by causing one of his legendary hangovers. The Ross social scene forced Ian to invest in the hangover pills that were conveniently advertised to him on Instagram, which haven’t really helped him much. Ian is a big Indiana sports fan (go Hoosiers!), a foodie who will eat just about anything, the reason why everyone in this group has to deal with green texts (he needs to get with the 21st century and buy an iPhone), and is generally open to doing anything that doesn’t involve strenuous exercise. Ian will be spending the summer in San Francisco trying to make the world a better place by working with social enterprises…oh wait, he actually just wants to check out more bars and burrito joints.