Imani Davis

Want to spend 10 days with one of the most popular people Ross? Look no further than MYSTERY 3.0 led by this flirtatious Jersey Girl. How did she become so popular? Once you hear her yelling “MYSTERYYYYYYYYYYY!” for no apparent reason, you’ll understand. When this social butterfly is not pollinating the Winter Garden or running the Ross Consulting Club, she can be found on the dance floor at the classiest places in town channeling her inner Beyoncé. These infamous dance moves earned her the superlative “Most Likely to be Found Dancing on the Stage at Ricks” during MYSTERY 2.0, and let’s just say she’s made sure to live up to the hype. After a year of out drinking, out dancing, and out RAGING all of Ann Arbor, Imani is ready to induct the next class of MYSTERY ragers to Ross. Likelihood Imani will make you feel FOMO with her MYSTERY chants if you miss this trek: COUNT ON IT.