Iris Nguyen

Iris was convinced by Steve into helping lead this trip because he told her it would help build her tan. Don’t worry, Iris has a lot more depth to her personality than one might think. In addition to tanning, she also enjoys NPR, Hello Kitty, and food (specifically noodles; and more specifically, pho). Iris is also fond of petting stray animals, practicing her low notes for her karaoke renditions of “Gangster’s Paradise,” and being a connoisseur of the finest vintages of Charles Shaw. Back in Ann Arbor, Iris can often be found dancing at all of the hottest, low-class dive bars like no one is watching…because most of the time no one is watching….she is usually drinking and dancing by herself, long before anyone else even gets to the bar. Iris can’t wait to meet all the MBA1s and indoctrinate them into the Ross family with her vast knowledge of Michigan football (she likes the colors).