Ishan Malhotra

Ishan comes from the busy streets of New Delhi, India. An engineer at heart, he has worked in the energy sector, consulting, and a healthcare startup before coming to Ross.  He is a technology and gadget fanatic, and dreads AI taking over humanity someday. At Ross, he is a Director in the Photography club, VP of Programs in Entrepreneurship and Venture club, and a student ambassador. He loves listening to people’s experiences, be it good or bad. His personal hero is Elon Musk (who apparently is busy building a tunnel through California). He loves watching soccer and can’t wait for Manchester United to be on top of the league again. Ishan likes to try new cuisines and restaurants, but usually has trouble remembering the names of the dishes or the restaurants. He is a self-proclaimed Ping Pong expert (any ping pong challengers here?), but his friends say he plays beer pong better than ping pong :). He is looking to make this MTrek a memorable experience for himself and an awesome start for you guys before you start your MBA hustle.