Jacob Howard – VP of Party + Finance

This Tennessee native and former Hoosier has found his way to the Midwest for the second time in his life and is back and better than ever. Jacob is our golden-haired boy and “yes-man” of the group, who is down for anything including eating the exotic street food no one else dared to try. When he’s not buying another round of shots at Skeeps, Jacob can be found buying another round of shots at Rick’s, or in his hotel room with the Jack Daniels from the mini bar. Besides offering him another drink, the way to Jacob’s heart is to mention how great his luscious blonde locks look – he’ll try to deny it but we know his suitcase is always filled with hair products. Hot off a summer getting wined and dined in the consulting world, Jacob will make sure the party follows us wherever we go while keeping track of our trip’s finances because someone needs to be a little bit #responsible