Jaime Botero

Desperate for a change in weather, Jaime headed up north from Miami to Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts where (by his own will) he studied Spanish. After his time up north, he decided to return to Miami to do Teach for America. However, after a “dancing” incident, he was forced to re-think his career working around children. For some reason, he made the same mistake twice and instead of attending business school in a warm weather location, he decided to try to survive two years of winter in Michigan. Before fully immersing himself in Ann Arbor though, he decided to check out the beautiful country of Portugal. Jaime made it through Lisbon without issue, but after drinking way too much Port on Day 4, Jaime had another “dancing” incident., which changed the way his trek looked at him forever. While the rest of us still love Jaime with all our heart, we will always associate “The Cod Father” with “the dance heard ’round Ross…” Fortunately for Jaime, the healthcare consulting industry has not gotten wind of this debacle, as Jaime has an internship with DaVita healthcare this upcoming Summer. Now before you sign up for our Mystery trek this year, ask yourself: “Are you prepared for what you may see when you enter the No-No-Zone?” Choose wisely for you cannot unsee what you may see.