Jake Bennett

What do Zeus and Jacob Thomas Bennett have in common? A god-like ability to control THUNDER(struck) and a deep appreciation for Cypricean mythological waterparks. Don’t let his impressive frame or sometimes terrifying enthusiasm for things blowing up fool you, this Virginian southpaw is 100% a teddy bear at heart and will definitely be the trip dad that rescues you from a consumption vortex (unless he’s there with you). A full-time Ross gym resident, Jake’s chill to pull (but mostly chill) ratio is more balanced than Istanbul’s blend of east and west. The first to crack open a White Claw pre-Skeeps, Baby Jake’s unrelenting energy pairs well with a Straight to Rick’s (STR) night in Ann Arbor or a 9-day bender in the Medditeranean. Often seen loudly proclaiming in the Ross winter garden that it is “the best day of his life,” Ross’s undefeated case competition champ will provide the spark needed to make this MTrek worthy of Tori’s IG story.