James “Lion’s and Tigers and James, Oh MY!” Teague

James might just be the most quotable man at Ross casually dropping random info like when he was at the retirement party for the Estonian Ambassador, swimming across an international border or going to the Tony Awards…twice. He’s the Instagram bf you wish you had, knowing exactly how to get the best photo. He’s always shining in his white shirts, he is that Barney Stinson, who always gets the best photos. He’s also been known to wake up after a drunk night not in the wrong house, or on the wrong couch, but in the wrong country! Dan voted him most likely to wander off in high school, which is funny since they didn’t know each other in high school. He has leadership roles on boards with literally no profesional element to them (ski, outdoor, cycling…) and loves coffee. PowerPoint is how he meditates.

Beach or mountains? Mountains

If I could only have three things on a deserted island it would be. Steak, Wine, San Pellegrino

If I had an extra hour in the day I would: Cook