Jane “The Train” Danstrom

Jane “The Train” Danstrom has literally never gone by this nickname. We have already elected her the Bride-to-Be for an undisclosed but guaranteed memorable night on the town. She claims to be an introvert and also read 1,000 words per minute, but we have yet to see her literacy skills in action. As Co-President of Follies, she effectively manages her ghost writers and alcohol stipend, while also taking all the glory for the hilarious sketches. Our Mtrek will be an extended audition for the Follies live show, so have your monologues ready. This sweet Minnesota transplant leaves no prisoners during a “festive”  board game night with friends (TLDR; she will crush you and never make eye contact with you in the halls of Ross again). Should we find ourselves stranded at Alcatraz or lost in the wilds of Yosemite, rest assured that Jane will keep only herself warm with her Deloitte Patagonia Better Sweater but will strategize a way to get us out in 8-12 weeks. Her non-negotiables for the MTrek include but are not limited to SPF +70, one Magic Mike Matinee in Vegas, and a few hours of Personal Screen Time.