Jason Park

Orginally from North Korea, trained as a secret agent, Jason became a master of all kinds of skills to fxxk up business. He got kicked out from an Investment Bank because he set the pitchbooks on fire with a cigarette butt while his boss was going to a client meeting; he got fired from a 8th-tier auto company becaused he succeeded in decreasing sales by 99% in a single year; He came to Ross to further developing his unique skill mentioned above and made great progress.

Now he knows how to win the best dressing prize with only a nylon jacket and he went on a naked run around AA after the Patroits won the Super Bowl. This operations guy is amazing and super productive when he’s running at full capacity, but you have to wake him up at 12pm otherwise you’ll never see him. But don’t worry, Jason is going take good care of you during the trek and tell you all his unveiled stories while having a cigarette in hand.