Jeff “The BFG” Church

Jeff “The Big Friendly Giant” Church may hail from Cleveland but has bled blue since birth. He will be sure to inundate you with the names of Michigan players and sports tales you will surely forget. Nonetheless he will do his best to get you into that Michigan spirit. Before migrating to the motherland, Jeff tried to make accounting sexy on both coasts. He has decided his talents are best served closer to home this summer in Chicago hawking mac n cheese and ketchup.

Although Jeff enjoyed his time in the Spanish wine country last year, our resident teddy bear is excited to lead you through some new territory. He will be sure to join you on the dance floor as long as you watch his back (is this a trend?!), but his favorite activity will be some late night heart to hearts. Come join the BFG as he gets you stoked about those Latin vibes and two glorious years to come.