Jen Nwuli

Our Madame President hails from the great country of Texas (hook ‘em!) and is the biggest badass out there. Like they say, everything’s bigger in Texas, but good news, no problem is too big for Jen. If you’re ever in a dilemma between working out or going to Skeeps, the answer is simple: both. Jen was elected MBA Council President based on her unique skill set, one that includes ripping tequila shots pre and post Peloton rides. And in case you haven’t gotten the idea, Jen’s a really big deal here at Michigan Ross. Intimidated yet? Don’t be. One time she lost her Apple watch while tubing in the Huron River, further proof that at the end of the day, we’re all human folks. Jen is the trip’s logistics whiz, hailing from consulting, she can optimize the shit out of everything to ensure the trip is packed with as much awesome as possible, get excited!