Jenna Buckley

Jenna Buckley was born to lead: 9th grade class president, Captain for a State Championship soccer team, SEC standout athlete, and now – the beloved QUEEN bee of section 3 (buzz buzz) and M-TREK MOM extraordinaire. Adored by her constituents, Jenna is more regal than Crown Royale yet as relatable as a late-night shot of Fireball. Though affectionately referred to as “small back” by her inner circle, Jenna Barack OBuckley has continuously proven she is far from a “spineless” ruler, as there is NO red wine that has ever survived her Machiavellian takeover.  The first Head of State to use the Chambong ( ) for both Capital Punishment and Presidential Distinction for civilians, Jenna has captivated the livers and hearts of the free-world with her (Prosecco) bubbly personality, and passion for Making America Grape Again. A former “Most Spirited Senior” award winner at Westminster High, it’s hard not to fall in love with Madame President…but don’t expect a Royal Wedding anytime soon – Jenna is married to the job and relentless in her pursuit of the Red, White and Blue cheese pre-dinner platter.