Jenni Wiener

With representation from Michigan and Minnesota, you really thought we forgot about Ohio? If the rest of us are a soggy plate of spaghetti, Jenni is the skyline chili blanketing us with kindness and positive energy. That’s just a little Cincinnati humor for y’all.

Jenni would never brag, but she’s been to ~50 more countries than you. She recently took the Trans-Siberian Railway deep into the underbelly of Russia and was name-dropping Georgian foods like they were Domino’s pizza toppings. Rumor has it that Jenni has actually been to Georgia and Armenia before and knows all of the restaurant owners by name and is just refusing to tell us.

We attribute Jenni’s patience to the time she spent as a high school teacher in Texas. Handling teenagers during their toughest years makes wrangling business school students beating down 30’s door (no offense, Pat) seem easy. Before Ross, she was also a human capital consultant, so we clearly have some weird obsession with creating optimal teams. Jenni has guaranteed, scientifically, that this is the best set of MTrek leaders. Please don’t argue with science.

It is possible that Jenni will have a few glasses of wine on this trip, at which point she won’t get emotional or hostile or belligerent or loud. She’ll just give you a hug and tell you what she admires about all of your best qualities. This is normal behavior for someone whose 23andMe results came back as “100% heaven.”

Ask Jenni about: face chugging, chugging 10 seconds (any kind of chugging, really), tacos, knowing all the words to most 90s music, extreme sports!

Don’t ask Jenni about: transitioning from warm Texas winters to Ann Arbor polar vortexes, keeping up with GroupMe texts, staying focused in 8ams