Jenny Zhai

Don’t ask Jenny where she’s from if you don’t want to be confused as heck. Long story short, she hails from the far east, did a brief stint in the true north (Oh Canada) where they adopted her as one of their own, before moving stateside for less apologies and more Beyonce. Prior to Ross, Jenny worked the 20 hour banker and 4 hour club shifts in the Big Apple, so she knows a few things about work hard and play harder.

On MTrek you will find me: Indulging in local cuisines (foodies, where are you?), snapping shots for the gram, or turning up on the dance floor – early 2000’s hip hop and R&B is my jam!

If I were a drink I would be: Vodka, mixes with everything, good for all occasions — perfect for our dip into the vodka belt 🙂

Day drinking or night drinking: Like day drinking, looove night drinking.

Fun fact: Jenny still doesn’t have a driver’s license despite being Canadian and going to high school in Michigan (and being adult aged). She’s secretly hoping to hold out until autonomous vehicles become a thing or she earns enough to hire her own chauffeur (whichever happens first).