Jess Jennings

Jess came to business school after realizing that her liberal arts education had left her with zero real-life skills (see: backwards Ross flag above). So far her greatest accomplishments at Ross have been winning the MBgAy drag show and getting chosen for BUS crew… so things are going pretty well.   Jess is among the most easy going people you’ll ever meet, but don’t let that Midwestern charm fool you. She is New Jersey born and New York bred and will be the enforcer when everyone (read: Rome) is late for tours due to hangovers.
You can find Jess dancing on elevated surfaces at any of Ann Arbor’s fine establishments and tricking people into doing one more fireball shot than they should. She didn’t earn her section superlative of “Most Likely to Help you Get into Mischief” for nothing. Come to her to figure out the best way to sneak into the VIP section at Yacht Week or for a pep talk on how you can fail miserably at all things quant but still pass the Ross core.