Jinghui Hao

She usually goes by “Hao Hao”, not only making life easier, also she will tell you the nickname means “Good *2” in Mandarin. Coming from a 6+ years financial services background, Hao is probably the opposite to what you imagine about a finance person in free time: She is stylish and into fashion, used to work part-time as a bartender, and loves traveling in exotic places. Born and brought up in northeast part of China, Hao is enjoying the hometown-ish coldness in A2. She is also the social bee of the crowd and can often be found doing major damage to the bar tab at Skeeps.  She can’t wait to explore the mysterious part of Europe with all of you, as long as we are not talking about any bird-watching activities (freak her out by asking about ornithophobia. Shhhhh…)