Jireh Pua

If you’re looking for proof that Malaysia will be an amazing time, look no further than Jireh Pua. He lived in Malaysia for 7 years as a wee tike, and he turned into the charming, funny (co-CEO of Follies oh hayyyy), talented, and ever-humble man that he is today. Oh, and he wants to go back there and rage for MTrek, so that says something about how awesome Malaysia is! While we’re in Malaysia, we will witness Jireh eating the exotic Malaysian smelly fruit called “durian,” a fruit that most Fear Factor contestants could not stomach; word to the wise…do not kiss Jireh that night. He also loves spicy food and will be ordering the hottest items that Southeast Asia has to offer, but he tends to perspire a bit; word to the wise…do not sit too close to Jireh when he eats. While he will undoubtedly act shy and hide his skills, Jireh loves to break it DOWN on the dance floor, so be sure to buy him an extra shot or two to see those moves. Just beware, he tends to be a sweaty person in general, so don’t stand too close. Speaking of sweat, Jireh is an avid runner and will inevitably be the person you all hate when you’re hungover and useless and he’s already run a marathon by 9 am. After his run, he will nap FOREVER, because that is one of his favorite activities. Despite Singapore being one of the food capitals of the world, Jireh will likely be dreaming of the cheesy bread at Garage Bar and will be begging us to go home to Ann Arbor. We’ve got a class act on our hands ladies and gentlemen – take note.