Joe Garcia

At the time of writing, Joe appears to have just barely survived the first winter of his life (fingers crossed!). Not shy about being a proud Californian, he grew up in Orange County, went to USC for undergrad and spent five glorious years in San Francisco prior to Michigan. After slinging software for a few years, Joe decided it was time to change things up and enrolled as a dual-degree student at Ross and the School for Environment and Sustainability (and is aka an Erber with Madeleine) and is exploring careers in renewable energy, food & ag and impact investing. One of his favorite things about Ross has been the frequency of dance parties and you can bet your admission deposits he’ll be instigating those on this trip (while probably wearing a wig). At school, he spends a lot of time with the Social Venture Fund and advocating that there is more to business than shareholder value. He is also sponsored by White Claw.

On this MTrek, you’ll find him enjoying as much sun as possible, seeking out new linen garments, working to create memorable moments for all ye trekkers, and mainly just trying to live up to the legendary trek leaders that he and Eric had last year (while repeatedly expressing their love for Latin America).