Joe Lan

Joe Lan is summed up really well by that Miley Cyrus Wrecking ball song. I have no idea what the song is actually about, but Joe is going to come into your life like a wrecking ball. Mainly he is going to help your wreck your liver, and chances are he’ll be shirtless for much of our trip. You see, Joe is a “big guy”, and big guys tend to overheat. So Joe’s shirtlessness is mostly a survival technique, and a way to protect his shirts from his powerful nipples. Joe grew up on the mean streets of Chicago (that’s not true at all, his streets were quite nice). In reality, Joe is one of the smarter people you will be meeting at Ross. He has a CFA, a master’s in finance, he worked at Morgan Stanley, and studied at some of the finest academic institutions in the country. That said, he will also help you make many bad decisions during your time at Ross, mostly revolving around taking shots on Monday or Tuesday nights in order to celebrate rather trivial occurrences. Joe knows that it is important to celebrate the little victories in your life, and he’s right! The only problem is, it’ll make you hate your life in that 8 a.m. Stats class the next morning. You might be able to pick up some Mandarin from Joe (he is, surprisingly enough, fluent in the language), or at least you can learn how to tell people they “must drink this now” in Mandarin. After this summer he may even be able to teach you how to say that in German (he happens to be interning at the biggest and most prestigious consulting firm in Germany). Joe’s primary responsibility on our trip is going to be ensuring that we end up in Morocco (Joe knows things like: Morocco is in Africa!). He will also be our gauge to determine when to start drinking (probably right now!). Joe is so cool that he not only attends his own MTrek reunions but has been adopted by other treks, primarily because of his epicness. So don’t miss this opportunity to become one of Joe’s great friends, access his vast array of knowledge, and experience all that is Joe Lan on this crazy adventure.