John “JD” Daniels – VP Zaddy

Even though JD will introduce himself as “John Daniels,” feel free to disregard that and just call him JD – or as he describes – “what my friends call me.” Despite his unadulterated love of all things New England, JD actually turned out to be a top tier human being whose presence in our lives is truly a blessing. Even though JD rounds out a variety of Top 5 lists at Ross (whether in his athleticism, his willingness to boogie, or the definition of his cheekbones), his humility describes his best quality – except when he refers to the Patriots as “America’s underdog.” Whether he’s maintaining his reign as King of the Dartmouth Pong table or if he’s got his phone out and furiously taking photos to try and up his insta post/day from .0001 to .0002, you can rest assured that JD will be embracing his role as Team Dad by regularly checking in and prioritizing our trekkers’ experiences. But don’t go to him for any pop-culture references – according to his wife, she maintained a list of shows and words that JD didn’t know. Some great ones include: Spunky, Birkenstocks, and Fennel.