John McGowan

Prior to Ross, John was granting wishes to children as a Wish Manager at the Make-A-Wish Foundation. What did you do before Ross? Yeah, that’s what I thought. When recently asked in an interview what his weaknesses are, he looked away, shed a tear, and quietly said, “the children.” He is no stranger to the social scene. Although he can’t use his irresistible business card as a pick up line anymore, John is typically found stumbling into karaoke bars pretending to look lost just before grabbing the mic and belting out a perfect rendition of “Don’t Stop Believin.” Because he’s in a band of course. It doesn’t matter how many Fireballs John falls victim to the night before, because he’ll usually do a 15 mile run the next morning. Because he’s a marathoner, duh. A Greek marathoner, very creative John. He’ll be a damn good trek leader though! Get pumped.