Jonathan Lorentzen

God of Widespread Enthusiasm – Jonathan, known to his faithful subjects as J-Lo, emerged from the fountain of eternal enthusiasm, rumored to be in the mystical land of Phoenix. Chock full of unbridled energy and passion, he set off on an epic quest to bring “the party” to all that he encountered. Traveling to George Washington University he worked to hone his magical abilities to deliver the affairs of the international relations. As any Greek deity, J-Lo has his weaknesses, mainly for song. He fell prey to the call of the sirens, and through an intense fight, J-Lo broke free and relocated to Chile. Never one to let a good time stop, Jonathan channeled his power into leading the most grand of nightclubs, drawing all manner of mythical creatures. Alas, he was restless and after conquering the waves of Pichilemu, he sought a new adventure and embarked on the perilous journey to the wondrous home of the Harbaugh. Through the battles of b-school, J-Lo fought and prevailed with the help and wisdom of the Real Estate Investment Fund. He will bring his gifts to American Airlines for the summer, enabling him to continue his eternal journey for happiness and entertainment.