Jordan Hartgens

Most likely to drag everyone on a booze cruise! Equal parts chill, adventure-seeking, and turn-up, Jordan is always down for a day party because it means she can be in bed by 11pm. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, she is a true Georgia peach with an appreciation for trap music. At Ross, Jordan spends game days at tailgates dancing on top of the MBA bus, Tuesdays at Blue Tractor trivia showcasing her knowledge of random facts, any day at Frita Batidos scarfing down some of the best burgers in Ann Arbor, and most days working on initiatives for the Ross Consortium and the Black Business Student Association (BBSA). Jordan will arrive in Jordan (get ready for all the “Jordan in Jordan” content) fresh off of a human capital consulting internship in Deloitte’s Atlanta office. Last summer, Jordan trekked to Vietnam with Barbara, Gui, and Julia, and is so excited to reunite with them as trek leaders!