Jordan Morris aka “JMO”

JMO hails from Champaign-Urbana, or as he terms it, the “Barcelona of Central Illinois.” He was voted class clown in high school (maybe he peaked?). Having lived in DC, Jordan crushed the scene on Capitol Hill, where he learned to take his whiskey ‘neat’ as the Senators do. Though should two pieces of ice make their way into his neat drink, he’ll adapt because he’s “agile”. At Ross, JMO will be the future president of the Consulting Club, so get your networking started early and this big man on campus will be sure to give you all the tips and tricks of getting that dream job! With hips like Shakira, a voice like Ray Romano, and body like Big Bird, JMO is always ready to shake it, and we especially appreciate his fabulous moves to Britney Spears pop songs and other 2000 throwbacks. As he’s done throughout our first year together, JMO will serve as our eternal optimist and morale booster on our adventures through Espana!