Julie “Collezione di Julie” Tiedrich

Ok, two truths and a lie: Julie loves sushi, is fluent in Mandarin, and Saks Fifth Avenue has a dedicated department for her in Accounts Receivable (<– Don’t worry, you’ll learn wtf this means during first term). The last one might not be true, but let’s just say this game probably becomes three truths by the end of the year. The marketing department at Ross is studying her checkout cart as part of a comprehensive research report on consumer trends and what you should wear to look fly AF. Don’t be fooled by appearances, though: in a recent interview, Migos acknowledged she was the inspiration behind “Bad and Boujee.” If all hell breaks loose on the trip, we won’t be surprised if she drops, drops, drops whoever is responsible. By the end of Day 2 in Milan, we expect Prada to announce this upcoming spring’s Collezione di Julie.