Kaia De Bruin – VP of #Content

Kaia may not be part of Gen-Z officially, but she’s definitely cooler than you. Our resident VP of #Content, Kaia is our go to girl for what’s “new” and “hip”, including the best restaurants in her native Brooklyn, NY and whatever new app the young kids are on these days (Ding Dong? Clip Clop?). Put her on your trivia team for pop culture knowledge and you’re sure to win. The founder of the thriving “Redheads at Ross” GroupMe, Kaia did her research to ensure all members were natural redheads and not fakers, showing she is both fun AND detail-oriented, a perfect combo for an excellent MTrek leader. Go to Kaia if you’re looking for the ideal backdrop for your next Tinder pic, especially in Greece because she’s already been there like the cool girl she is. Kaia is also a proud member of the New England Small College Athletic Conference and is thankful Michigan will never play football against her first love, Bates. Oh, and she interned in marketing at Pepsi in New York this summer because #duh, it’s the perfect job for her.