Kashay Sanders

When you’re ready to have meaning-of-life, philosophical discussions under the stars of the Amazon–Kashay got you! Kashay’s friends jokingly dubbed her the “Queen of DMCs” (deep meaningful conversations) back in college. But don’t let this HR-bound, feelings-whisperer fool you. When the right song comes on, Kashay transforms into her dance-machine alter-ego, and nothng and no one can stand between her and the center of the dance floor. As Kashay’s former trekkies Jack and Natalia know well, Kashay does not play with strenuous outdoor activity. And she will offer moral support and a glass of wine to anyone who prefers to sit out. Back to HR–Kashay loves building culture and creating strong teams. She’s excited to aggressively affirm everyone, and tell them how terrific they are several times a day.