Kat Kennedy

Kat hails from the great state of Colorado – while she didn’t grow up skiing to school, as  classmates typically ask, she enjoys all of the outdoor (and other) activities Colorado has to  offer. In her former life she was a consultant and is known for answering questions with “it  depends”, making spreadsheets for unnecessary activities, and creating visually-pleasing  powerpoint “decks.” After braving Vietnam with her other fearless trek leaders, Emily and  Kirsten, Kat decided that MTrek would be the perfect way to kick off life as an MBA2 – mostly  so she could annoy her trekkers by using the phrase “I haven’t done that since Nam”. As the  youngest trek leader, don’t be offended when she doesn’t understand your early 90s  references.

If her life was a theme party, what would it be? TOGA. She was Greek after all.

What would she do if she were invisible? Eat Chipotle for free. Scare Andy Kim.