Kate White Walters

Master of the side braid, Kate has been known to miraculously find bottles of bubbly in even the most remote locales. She may or may not have once convinced store owners in Latvia’s “finest” beach town to chill bottles of champagne to fuel a full day of shenanigans. Kate, a Teach for America alum, can also whip up an amazing 5-course meal, teach you marketing with an unprecedented level of patience, and help guide you in securing a consulting gig for your summer internship. Have you met Brut Rosé? If not, Kate will surely introduce you. This spark plug hailing from Illinois is the best wing woman you could hope for as she will walk up to just about anyone and engage them in conversation. Unsurprisingly, Kate is incoming President of the Ross Student Association (RSA), VP of Wine Education for the Wolverine Wine Club, and on the BUS, making her the perfect ally for all things fun during your first year at Ross.