Katherine Wu

Katherine comes from the health world but more on the research side, so if you hurt yourself, your care is left to the Guatemalans. She was born in China, but has spent the majority of her life in the Midwest, which is why she is so darn nice. Another dual with Public Health, Katherine can school you on health reform and how to pick an insurance plan (seriously, how does one do it!?). She is really into big data (not to be confused with big other D words). Cheese is her kryptonite, so do not expect her to be eating delicious tamales con queso. As the trek’s designated Trek Madre, she will ensure you are happy, healthy, and ready to party.

Rage Song: Feel So Close – Calvin Harris
Self-Describing Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor: Truffle Trifecta
Celebrity Doppleganger: Mulan