Katie Herron

A self-professed “fun grandma”, Katie Herron may share the same name as the infamous Plastic from Mean Girls but the similarities end there. On campus, you can find Katie, a dual degree with SEAS (aka tree-hugger school) who hails from Los Angeles, visiting the weekly farmer’s market to cook up a killer meal (follow her foodstagram @bicoastal_kitchen), sporting a year-round tan with sparkling white teeth (she’s the daughter of two dentists), and bringing her 2 year old rescue pup Ruthie (also known as “lil pumpkin” and “Scroot”) to every get-together possible. With a magnetic personality, Katie somehow manages to befriend every person she meets (Rosser or not), inviting them on niche adventures (I’m talking public bathhouses, cheese shops, dog birthday parties and the like) before inevitably convincing them to join OrangeTheory Fitness. Like 99% of Rossers, Katie came from consulting at Deloitte in DC but is excited to pivot into her dream job this summer as a marketing intern with Clif Bar. Katie will be VP of Culture on our MTrek, through which she will provide our Thai educational content, but also is our unofficial VP Lifeguard, VP Foodie, VP Game Fiend, and VP Virgo (you better be on time!).

Two truths, one lie:

1) Katie has never eaten a vegetable in her life (plants are friends, not food)

2) Katie is a national chess champion (nerd)

3) Katie has a “LBG4L” (Google it) tattoo on her right shoulder