Katie Post

As a Colorado native, Katie is an outdoor enthusiast who spent her 4 years prior to Ross working for the Association of American Medical Colleges in Washington DC. While she claims to have spent much of her life as a ballerina, we have yet to see her dance in a way that doesn’t resemble Elaine from Seinfeld. She enjoys running at extremely fast speeds, cooking, and devouring bourbon. Katie is particularly enamored by small animals with beady eyes, tiny legs, and round bodies, and, as such, knows more about marmots than any person should (though she has also dissected a human body so watch your back trekkers). Katie’s favorite pickup line: would you rather sweat cheese or not be able to distinguish between a muffin and a baby? Be prepared to share and defend your answer or Katie will judge you. This summer she will be working as a consultant for Strategy& in Chicago.