Kaushik Moro

Kaushik is a jack of all trades- there isn’t anything he can’t do. You want a party to be lit?-He’ll bring the party. You want to go on an adventure? He’s your guy. When he’s not speaking in an feigned-English accent, spewing knowledge, or crushing esoteric mental math, he’s the friend you’ve always wanted. Loyal to a T with a heart of gold, he’s ready to take the business world by storm. He’s just your friendly Outback-Aussie, London-James Bond-who is un-phased by the Michigan cold with his one invincible sweater. He shows both class and swag in and out of the classroom and when he’s navigating circles of death. Having lived on four continents, the “Krusher” knows his way around the world-and could probably get you to safety in a zombie apocalypse.