Kerry & Conor


The Basics: I grew up in Alexandria, VA and graduated from Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!). After starting my career in Washington D.C., I moved to New York City, where I spent the next three years in cloud consulting. In my free time, I love staying active (running / hiking / rollerblading), attending live sporting events, eating new foods, and enjoying a craft pilsner.

How my partner would describe me: She’d most likely say I’m always down to try new things and explore new places but have a hard time understanding that we don’t always have to be early to everything; including the standard two hours for every airport departure! She also may or may not say that over the past 7 years I’ve learned that she needs 8 hours of sleep per night (and based on this statement she might also say I’m a slow learner).

Favorite place I’ve traveled: Tongariro National Park in New Zealand. It’s an amazing day hike with Mt. Doom from Lord of the Rings in the background!

If you could be a Greek God of anything, what would it be? Great question. I would have to be the god of cheesesteaks and wings – both would go great with my (imaginary) svelt Greek God body!



The Basics: Proudly hailing from the Jersey Shore, I’ve come to Michigan by way of NYC and Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!). While in NYC, I was a technology consultant for companies across the US. Now, I consult for Michigan companies and live in Ann Arbor full time! In my free time, I enjoy doing sporty competitive things, pairing a pastry with a cup of coffee, and swimming in the ocean.

How my partner would describe me: Always manages to get free food or drinks randomly. Enjoys cutting it close at the airport (aka optimizing). Doesn’t like to pump gas. He probably says that my desire to sleep a healthy amount gets in the way of his fun. He would also say I enjoy fun times and traveling.

Favorite place I’ve traveled: Grand Canyon. It’s amazing.

If you could be a Greek Goddess of anything, what would it be? Probably the Greek Goddess of rainbow cookies. Is it weird that Conor and I both choose to be food deities?