Kettianne Cadet

Don’t let this gal’s size deceive you. Kettianne’s petite frame hides her Incredible Hulk complex, ready to be unleashed on this trek. And despite consistently being mistaken for a 16-year-old (if we’re held up for anything it’s because she’s being carded!) she has the experience of many of us combined – after growing up in Boston, her joy for travel and new adventures led her to make 4 other countries her temporary homes. Before Ross, Kettianne worked in nonprofit but has transitioned to consulting in order to fuel her fine wines lifestyle. This energized world traveling nerd comes with her weird phobias, allergic to anything’s nuts (yes people too!), afraid of burps and terrified of bees. Besides phobias, this one is always up for an adventure, she may get you lost but you won’t regret the people you’ll meet along the way. She’s known for talking to random people all the time. Be warned, there’s no hiding on the dance floor with this one. Kettianne will either be trying to getting everyone on the dance floor or outdancing Cristóbal!