Kevin “El Jefe” Tobin

Is the group’s X-factor. A man of mystery and grace, no one is sure how he earned the nickname El Jefe, but we assume he is not to be trifled with. Rumors about his background are frequent around Ross, but separating fact from fiction has been a difficult task. Some say he is the noted saxophone player Duke Silver (where my Parks and Rec heads at), and that he can quote any episode of The Office. Others claim that he does a spot on Borat impression, and that his use of it saved his Mtrek group from a hungry lion on last year’s MTrek. A final piece of hearsay is that Kevin is an expert on wine, and is noted for taking especially deep inhale before tasting, but when pressed for detail he normally just says, “I think this is a red.” Hopefully, he will have us drinking the good stuff on MTrek. The only confirmed thing the team 100% knows about Kevin is that his favorite ice cream flavor is banana, which is a weird flex, but ok. Regardless of what is fact and what is fiction, we are all sure to be surprised by what El Jefe has in store for us.