Kevin Fobi

They say introverts look at their shoes and extroverts look at yours. You’ll probably find this self-proclaimed “not sneakerhead” doing both. If there is a sneaker store in Chile we’ll likely have to make a stop. But it doesn’t just stop at the shoes, because of his corporate retail background, this guy knows way too much about women’s clothing than he’d like, so he’ll be sure to compliment you on your outfit.

Hailing from the Bronx, Kevin somehow managed to not pick up any Spanish or Latin Dance moves, so don’t look to him to translate (don’t worry, we have a guide!) and don’t trust his Salsa 101 skills (although he’s got side to side down pat). For any first timers in South America, he’ll be joining you on that journey and is ready for an exciting adventure.

This summer Kevin will be taking his eyes off the ground and putting his head in the Cloud in Seattle, to experience his first summer outside of New York.