Kevin Vincent

God of Wisdom and Good Times – Hailing from Cranston, RI, which is the inspiration for the town in the show Family Guy, Kevin is a rare breed of deity known as a “Twoferone.” By day (and night), Kevin is the God of Wisdom, watching over weary MBA 1 travelers, and some of their MBA 2 companions. But make no mistake – by night (and day), Kevin is the God of Good Times – making sure that we mere mortals will “turn it up to 11” and “take it to the limit”!
The origins of Kevin’s “work hard, play hard” attitude are the stuff of myth and legend. Some say he honed his skills while as a Jumbo at Tufts University. Others believe it was his time as a strategy consultant in the fiery pits of the District of Columbia. It is said that he has no fear – having once flown over an active volcano, after eating grasshopper tacos, in order to save a village of orphans. What is known, is that he will be the steady hand that guides us on our odyssey and shows us what it really means to “GO BLUE!”