Kimby “Top of the Curve” Josephson

What era is she from? We may never know. Do not be confused, Kimby is in fact her name and business school is her game. Rumor has it that she has had a full “Excellent” sweep so far, setting the curve in each core class and tutoring less fortunate MBA students on the weekends. A humanitarian who has been compared to Ghandi and Mother Teresa, she is very sweet, a little loud, and truly bouncy (it will all make sense soon enough). Hobbies include those of the geriatric genre: knitting giant blankets for those chilly Michigan nights, battling herself in crossword puzzles, and pouring a neat Fernet each weeknight. If you find yourself staring at Kimby and just trying to figure out who she looks so similar to, we implore you to do a quick Google image search of “It’s Me, Mario.” This year was treacherous for Ms. Josephson: while maintaining her sterling academic record and signature curls, she also received community recognition for extinguishing a small fire caused by her own personal menorah on the fourth night of Hanukkah. Please join her when she wants to play a bus game–the sooner we start, the quicker it is over.