Kirsten Damon

Kirsten grew up about 3 miles from Emily, but neither of them knew this until they decided live together in Ann Arbor.  Before business school, Kirsten worked at a law firm doing everything except being a lawyer. Her favorite thing about b-school is that she no longer has to wear stuffy business casual everyday. Thus she has regressed and now wears leggings and sweatshirts Monday-Friday (yes, even to Skeeps on Thursday night).  On this trip, Kirsten will be the one that obnoxiously pretends to know all about what wines we’ll be tasting, but really has no idea.  Listen carefully, she’ll tell you that all the malbecs have a hint of blackberry or plum.

If her life was a theme party, what would it be? Bachelor watch party.  Want to have reunions over popcorn, wine and Bachelor in Paradise when we get back from MTrek? She’s already planning those parties.

What would she do if she were invisible?  Go to all movies and watch for free – they’re so expensive these days!