Kristen Steagall

Kristen reigns from everyone’s favorite flyover state: Illinois. But don’t call it that to her face or she’ll entrap you in a twenty minute historical lecture on the economic and social worth of this great country’s golden plains. She’s a Russian Studies major (yes, you read that right) turned tech startup guru turned McKinsey intern, which should provide us two invaluable assets on our trip: 1) She’ll supply the blueprint for how to succeed at “business” school for all of you recovering humanities majors, and 2) She may be able to translate on the extreme off-chance we run into a Russian speaking Pole (upon reflection, this one won’t be that valuable). Kristen is a woman of passion (see note on historical lectures above) and a woman of action. She’ll keep our itinerary moving at a healthy click, even and especially if that means getting to the vodka shots on time. Just don’t challenge her to a traditional Polish Folk dance off after those shots….as a BUS team captain and the master choreographer behind this year’s winning routine at MBGAY, she is not to be messed with on the dance floor.