Kristin Steiner

Kristin laughs a lot, giggles never, narrowly survivied Darwinism, jogs but doesn’t run, owns Tupperware to hold her Tupperware, and can often be heard saying “What, you don’t recycle?! Moron.” Brought into this world when Rage Against The Machine had sex with Sunday brunch, Kristin was destined for a life of sophisticated debauchery. Never a jungle too deep, dinner too expensive, or schedule worth following; Kristin is an adventurer. As an Erber, she’ll teach you to fish … see the world through the eyes of a fish … and drink like a fish. She’ll lead you through mind-expanding perspectives on Moroccan culture and Moroccan napping. As a native Californian, Kristin is equipped with the innate ability to pair yin with yang, business with pleasure, and business with debt. Follow her lead … then do the opposite.